Thursday, September 15, 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 All-Stars Episode 1 Recap


Last night’s premiere of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17 All Stars was just as exciting as I hoped it would be. The show started with a vignette of Tyra in bed, dreaming of the all-star cycle. In her dream, she was pretending to be Camille, Laura, Allison, and I think someone else. Then, she woke up in really cute yellow polka dot pajamas that I wanted to steal, and her dream was a reality and the all stars were in her bed with her.

They then showed clips from the season of how the models will be tasked with building a brand by creating their own fragrance (definitely relevant for a model and celebrity), acting in TV shows (OK, fair enough), and singing in a music video (Really? Must they? Trainwreck waiting to happen for everyone except Lisa.). Guest judges and mentors will include basically some cool people I didn’t bother writing down in my notes and the dreamy Tyson Beckford, who popped up on the show during Cycle 9. The vision of Ebony giddily running through the house is still burned in my brain.

Since we already knew who the cast was, they arrived at their house one by one. It was so fun to see everyone arrive and react to one another. We learned that Bianca and Bre were roommates and BFFs in Chicago, but Bre didn’t even tell Bianca she was coming; and that there was some bad blood between Bianca and Camille, no shocker there. Everyone was basically excited each time someone came in the door except for when Camille arrived...silence and glares.

My initial reactions were: Sheena still wore way too much makeup, Isis looked great--way better as a woman than she did as a man, Angelea is still hilarious to me, and I hated someone’s hair. Probably Dominique’s--I just didn’t think the long, loose curled hair suited her.

Mr. Jay showed up and told the girls that they would be doing a photo shoot in their backyard right away. The theme of the shoot was to recreate their personas from their original cycles. Bianca was immediately upset as they put red extensions in hair, which she shouldn’t have been because A. it was temporary, and B. it actually looked kinda cool. Then when it was her turn, she started doing very basic, Modeling 101 poses and did not wow Jay.

Other comments I had were that Brittany looked just like Janice Dickinson and that Shannon is a PRUDE. I can maaaaaybe understand that you don’t want to do underwear modeling, but when the bikini bottom is smaller than underwear AND they’re going to put lace shorts that somewhat resemble underwear over it to cover you up more, just give up and go with it. We’re all over it.

Next, Tyra announced that panel was going to be held in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE OF FANS! I remember when the invitation went out for this event, and I seriously considered going had I extra vacation time. But alas, I did not. I noted that the fans and panel both love Allison. She’ll be sticking around for awhile. Then, I got mad at Dominique for bouncing back from having a baby in only two months to come on the show. And then Alexandria came out, AND THE CROWD BOOED! She was the only one the crowd booed, and I’m sure it was because she was so fresh in everyone’s minds after just coming off of being the villain on Cycle 16. I have never been a fan of her, but it was still pretty rude to boo. Sheena was wearing a fierce vintage jumpsuit that the panel loved. (Nicki Minaj was the guest judge this week, by the way. She told it like it is.) Laura told Nicki Minaj that she could have her grandma hook her up with some homemade couture, too. “Wanda Sue!”

The public part of the show was done, and while the girls headed to the private panel area, the Jays polled the crowd about which models they love and love to hate. When I heard that the results were going to have a basis on who was going home, I had a pretty good idea who it would be. During the commercial break, I predicted Brittany would be the first one booted.

And we’re back, and Tyra announced that the grand prize for this season’s winner would include a spread in Italian Vogue, a spread and cover of Beauty in Vogue, a Cover Girl contract, a correspondent gig with...was it E!? Some entertainment television outlet. And, a national ad campaign with Express. Personally, I was underwhelmed with the prizes. The only new ones were the TV correspondent thing and the Express ad, but whatevs.

The first picture called was Isis, which was a little surprising; but not surprisingly, Allison was called second. Bottom two were Alexandria (most hated by fans) and Brittany (most forgettable by fans). I knew being most hated was way more marketable than not even being remembered, so my guess of Brittany going home ended up being right. It’s too bad, too, because she was actually my favorite from Cycle 4. She just needed me there cheering her on! My favorites have been going home first a lot lately.  Like on Bachelor Pad, Alli was my favorite, and she peaced out first, too.  It does suck to get kicked off of your Cycle, then to come back just to get kicked off first. Reminds me a lot of my regional spelling bee experience in eighth grade actually...but anyway.

Previews for the rest of the season consisted of DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA. It’s going to be awesome!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for next Wednesday already.

Right now, I hope Shannon goes home next because she was being whiney and impossible this week. As far as who I want to win...I’m going to go with Isis for now. Or Sheena. I guess either Cycle 11 girl would do.

Did you see last night’s show? What’d you think? Who’s your favorite all star?


  1. Isis's picture had so much potential but whoever edited it with the dumb rippled water needs to be shaken. I did an audible gasp at how whorish Sheena's makeup gosh. Allison's outfit was cute in a creepy way. Bianca is going to be such a drama queen as usual! The opening scene with tyra in the bed had me cracking up. Laura looks gorgeous with the bangs, but you can see a ton of girls looking like that in any mall. Angelea's super black roots with her poorly dyed straw yellow hair really got under my skin. I don't know who would be the winner--don't think Allison will be a good spokesperson at all though. This seems like more of a popularity contest than a model show. The shoot was so dumb and most of the poses looked pretty amateur to me.

  2. I completely agree with all your comments. I was watching an interview with Sheena talking about the all-star cycle, and she had almost no makeup on and looked really pretty. I don't know what's with all the whore makeup. Angelea's hair wasn't looking too good either with her roots. I'm really hoping once the competition gets going that it's more about who does the best each week than about popularity.

  3. Did you see Allison's interview with Rich from FourFour? It's only the best thing on earth: Honestly, if you're a ANTM fanatic, you should go back and look at some of his coverage (if you haven't already). I think he's sitting out this cycle, though.

    The episode FINALLY got listed on the CW's website, so I'm watching it tonight!

  4. Oh my gosh, I had no idea about fourfour. I'm totally going back and checking out everything! Thank you for the recommendation!!

  5. I know Bianca is stank, but she is sooooo pretty to me and really looks like a model. I think she has a good chance to win.

    Bre's hair looks ridiculous and I hope they give her a weave. But, really though, are they going to do makeovers on these girls - they're working models, after all.

    Brittany was one of my favs from her season, so I'm sad she's out, but you can tell she's been partying hard since then.

    I can't believe they brought Lisa back. She looked old in her season and she looks that much older now.

    I almost felt bad for Camille and the silent treatment they gave her, but she is pretty rude. I totes agree with Tyra though that her legs are amaze-balls. Stunning body on that one.

    I love Laura and Allison and would like to see either of them win but I don't think they will.

  6. Bianca definitely has the look, and she has an amazing walk, but she needs to work on her attitude. Ugh. If she gets that worked out, I could see her having the potential to win.

    Toooootally agree with you about Lisa. She looks like a Grandma. And Camille practically is a grandma in model years at 33. But so far (from last week's and this week's photos), she seems way to Modeling 101 for me. She needs to work on her posing.