Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baby Style: Girly Girl and Hipster

Apparently when hubs brought Bridget into daycare last week, all the ladies were geeking out about her cute outfit and wondering where we got it.  It was one of my garage sale finds!  I think Bridge is going to outgrow it in about two seconds, though, because the ribbon part just fits snugly right now.  Looks like I may have some more fall baby clothes shopping in my near future.  Oh darn!

The daughter of a coworker enjoys knitting (crocheting?  I still can't tell the difference), and often we coworkers get to benefit from her skills.  She knit Bridget a hat for my baby shower and also a coffee cozy for me, which I use every time I get a Starbucks beverage.  Last week, my coworker was telling me how her daughter made a cute pumpkin hat, and I jokingly said she'll have to make one for all the babies on the team.  And then, today she surprised me with this cute slouchy "hipster hat" since her daughter doesn't have time to knit everyone pumpkins.  Haha, so cute! Convenient, too--I was just thinking how Bridget needed a new hat to keep her little nearly bald head warm.

Don't mind the baby food on her shoulder...

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  1. She is so cute in her colorful hat!!! That is sweet your friend made that for her.. she does look like a little baby hipster lol

  2. The hat is adorable! Very cute! Her growing will slow down soon. It seemed like Aubrey was going through clothes like crazy for a while and then she hit 12 months and started walking. She still fits in to all of her 12 month clothes. I put some 18 month stuff on her but it is a little big yet.