Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Tiny Bit of Vintage Clothing and Wine

When we lost power a few weeks ago, we had to light a bunch of candles and proceeded to drink wine and play some cribbage.  Hubs declared that we should do weekly candle night, but it never came to fruition.  Last night, I actually made a real dinner for once, so we celebrated by popping opening some wine and lighting candles while Bridget sat nearby in her high chair and ate Puffs for dessert.  I made balsamic chicken, probably my favorite Weight Watchers recipe I've tried so far, couscous, and asparagus.

Shirt: vintage DVF; Vest and Cami: New York & Company; Cords: Gap; Necklace and Shoes: Target

I believe this blue shirt is maybe one of only two vintage items I own.  Honestly, I only bought it for two reasons--it was $6, and it's Diane Von Furstenberg.  Later once I got it home, I noticed the bottom had been hemmed by a previous owner and there was a small stain even after washing.  But, all that was easily solved by layering.

I didn't necessarily feel like myself in this outfit.  I kind of felt like a fashionable dude with my collared shirt, sweater vest, and slim cut pants.  Had I cuffed the pants and wore loafers or brogues, I would've been even more dude-like.  So while I like the idea of this outfit, it definitely needs a bit of tweaking.


  1. I like the sweater vest layered over the shirt and I especially like the pretty lemon yellow shade. Debbie

  2. I like the vest over the top, too! I have a "vintage" J.Crew argyle vest and I may try this look out myself. Totally cute!

  3. Menswear is totally in, and it looks fab! I love the blouse and I sometimes think they outfit we are most unsure about is really the best looking ones!!! :)
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  4. Super Cute outfit. You are adorable with the best smile!!! PREPSTER!