Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ups and Downs of the Weekend

The Ups

I got to hang out with Milwaukee blogger Elena from Caffeinerd (she has more pictures of the night in her post) at Fred Boutique's Fashion Night Party at Cuvee.  Although we were kind of unwhelmed with the party and thought it was going to be a more fashion-y extravaganza, it was still fun to hang out.  And I tagged along while Elena met her fiance and friends at Spin, a table tennis bar, which was also a good time.

Pardon my shininess. It was the end of the night.

On Me - Dress and Necklace: Target; Belt: Luci Boutique; Bracelet: ?; Shoes: Modcloth
On Elena - Dress: The Limited; Necklace: hand-me-down; Shoes: Urban Outfitters

A little closer shot of my new Target necklace

And I wanted to get a shot of my hair and makeup before I went all flat and shiny later on.

I was absolutely exhausted Saturday, but after a trip to Kohl's, lots of vegging, and a short nap, Bridget, hubs, and I headed to a friend's cookout.  I always enjoy hanging out with that crew, so it was fun even though it was a short visit.

The Downs

The reason we were at Kohl's Saturday was because hubs had to buy some new nice clothes and a card to go to a wake for a coworker's father.  Needless to say, that pretty much emotionally drained him for the day.

Then I ended up running a fever Saturday night and into Sunday. 

Also, Bridget's been coughing a lot at night, poor thing.

But, hopefully we'll all be a-OK tomorrow for work and daycare.


  1. Hope you and Bridget feel better soon! Sorry there were downs as well, but glad you had some ups---I love cookouts with friends! :)

  2. You are so pretty Rebekah...lovely photos. I have never seen a close up of you so pretty darling. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes

  3. ps hope you and Bridget are feeling better fevers suck. Dawn xo

  4. Too bad about Fred's not being all that exciting. But you both look awesome! You aren't shiny, you're 'glowing' :-)

  5. you look gorgeous! great outfit and sounds like there were some really good times during your weekend~

  6. How fun! I'm disappointed that I already had plans and couldn't meet up with you. You guys look great! Hope you and Bridget feel better soon

  7. Love that necklace :) Hope you're feeling better.

  8. Hope everyone feels better! You look really fabulous in that outfit.