Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tulip Dress and Pearls

Dress: Target; Shoes: Kohl's: Necklace: no idea

Although I think this dress is super pretty and fun and comfortable, it's only the second time I've worn it. The flap in the front is a little scandalous during my two minute walk from my car to the office. However, I felt a lot better about life this time and was prepared with a slip underneath.

Since I just started watching Mad Men, I found myself a little influenced by the 60s silhouette here, but I didn't want it to look toooo retro. I tried to modernize it a little with the flats and ponytail, but I had to keep the pale pink pearls, which I've had since senior year of high school but never wear.

Speaking of my footwear, these shoes, which I donned for Wear It Wednesday, are the second leopard print item I own (besides a leopard shrug I bought and wore once for a themed outing). Feeling better about this animal print trend now. I can say I'm a fan.


  1. You look beautiful!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. Thank you for starting off my day with a picture in my head of Don Draper. Yum.

    Again.. love this look on you!!!!!

  3. I have this same dress and I love how you've styled it. I'm definitely taking notes!

  4. Really pretty! I love the style and the color!

  5. The color of this dress is stunning! It's very flattering to your skin tone and the shape is beautiful!

    You can definitely do the animal print trend! We did a Mother/Daughter Remix all on animal print! Check it out for some inspiration :)

  6. So very Mad Men! Love the dress :)