Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boston Store Shopping Haul

Well, I made it nearly a month. That's not too bad for someone who normally shops weekly, and only one of the items I bought for myself I count as an impulse.

I wanted shorts for Maine and a cross-body bag for Orlando, and Bridget could always use more clothes and PJs. My plan was to look for shorts at Old Navy; but when a coworker handed me a Spend $100, Save $50 Boston Store coupon on Friday, I knew I'd be getting myself into a bit of trouble there instead.

Hello Kitty PJs, Carters PJs and two tees, Ralph Lauren polo, DKNY skirt,
OshKosh B'gosh skirt; Nanette Girl dress & leggings
Originally $167 total; I paid $59

Michael Michael Kors shoes
Originally $81; I paid $30

Calvin Klein shorts
Originally $50; I paid $19

Nine West shorts
Originally $69; I paid $25

Tyler Rodan bag
Originally $69; I paid $22

I'm actually pretty happy with my purchases, and I don't feel any buyer's remorse about any of them. Well, except for the shoes...they're not as comfortable as I originally thought when I tried them on in the store, and I really don't need another pair of ballet flats. I used the cross-body bag yesterday, and the only probably was that the leather strap isn't the best idea for hot, sweaty weather, but oh well. Maybe I'll bring a smaller bag to Florida, too, in case this one gets annoying after Day 1.

Oh I should also mention, I bought Bridget a few new stuffed animals, too. At Strawberry Fest yesterday in Cedarburg, I bought her another monkey (she sleeps with two stuffed monkeys every three). And Friday, a different coworker was showing me the Uglydolls she bought for her son off of Hautelook, and I couldn't resist getting Bridget a couple of these trendy dolls, too. They were only $7 and $5, so why not.

After this little spending spree, I'm hoping my shopping bug is satisfied for awhile. The only other thing I had my eye on are these red Stuart Weitzman shoes at E-Collectique, the nearby consignment boutique. I've been casually looking for red shoes for awhile, and at $42.50 for the in-store price, these might be it. I just don't know if I'll actually get to the store before they sell them. Plus, they're having a clearance sale right now, so that'll be a lot of temptation I don't need. Well, we'll see if I make it over there before we leave for Maine Friday or not.


  1. Bring that yellow purse to my baby shower and it may get stolen ;)

  2. I like your new bag and purse! Good finds!

  3. Fun haul! Especially love the shoes :)

  4. Great shopping trip! I love all the little girl cute!!