Friday, June 22, 2012


Shoes I bought at a consignment sale

1. How often do you go through your closet to purge the things you no longer wear?I try to do it at least twice a year when I switch my closet from summer stuff to winter stuff and back.

2. What do you do with the things you are through with? Most of the time, I'll drop a bag in those clothes donation stand things you see outsides stores sometimes. That's the easiest way. Occasionally, I'll give stuff to friends if I think they'll get more use out of something than I did.

3. Have you ever sold on consignment or through online boutiques? What has your experience been like? I've sold stuff at a consignment store once. I guess it was fine. I'm sure if I had nicer stuff, I would get more money back, but I got about $25 in store credit. At that store, the percentage you get back is less if you want cash. That's how they get ya.

4. More and more people are concerned about the fast rotation of fashion and how that is filling our landfills. What are you doing to decrease your clothing trash pile? See 2 and 3. Also only buy stuff that I'm actually going to wear. I'm still working on that.

5. What's been your favorite/best score from a thrift store or consignment shop? I don't have the patience for thrifting, and quite a few times I've made the mistake of buying stuff (all pictured above) at a local consignment shop just because of the labels – like a Christian Dior blouse or a DVF button-up shirt, neither of which I wear that often. I also jumped on $18 Marc Jacobs rain boots but didn't realize until later how beat up they actually were. Totally still wear them, though. So I have a lot of learning to do. I guess I was pretty excited about the 7 for All Mankind jeans I got for $44. Also, I liked being able to split the cost with a couple friends and give our friend Jimmy Choo sandals for her birthday. The box said they retailed for like $600, and the three of us bought them for $150.

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  1. I have the same problem when I am thrifting! I'll see a purse that isn't even cute, but the label says "Gucci", so I'm standing there trying to decide if there's any chance it is a real Gucci, or just a knockoff. Then I realize - I don't even like it! Put it down... back away slowly!

  2. Wow, great finds! I have found only a few designer items - one of them an Oscar de la Renta sweater for $3. Even in thrifting though, I follow my number one shopping rule - I don't buy unless I totally, completely love an item and it fits perfectly and it is within my budget. I guess that's really three rules! ;)