Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What You Do to Me

Friday was super nutty, even for me. My work day ended at 4:15ish, and I went to pick up Bridget, then hubs, then dropped him off at the dealership to pick up his car, then Bridget and I went to Target, then I went home to get ready. Pretty sure that was a run-on sentence, and that’s what it felt like.

Here's what I wore to work since it was a jeans day:

Top: Fred; Jeans: NY&Co; Sandals: Target; Sunglasses: Express

Once at home, I kind of took my time getting ready and wandered around the house putting groceries away and loading my car, which made me late to meet the girls at the Summer Sounds festival in Cedarburg.

Skirt: MICHAEL Michael Kors; Tank Top: Old Navy; Necklace: garage sale; Sandals: Target

I showed up while the opening act was on his last couple songs, but I enjoyed his music, the little I heard. We grabbed some food and beverages and then settled in to watch Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. I don’t have their new music, so I only recognized a handful of songs, but it was still fun. They put on a good show, and Stephen Kellogg is a funny guy. There was a group of little kids dancing right in front of the stage, and he kept trying to talk to them. It was cute.

After the show, we booked it out of there and headed to two of the girls’ apartment to drop off one of the girls at her car and drop my car off so that I could jump in with them. The drive there was SO FRUSTRATING. I suffer from road rage, and not only was there traffic coming out of downtown for some reason, but I also got stuck behind every single slow person on the road. On top of that, I was racing a Fed Ex truck at one point trying to get around the slow people.

Polish Fest! I just realized why there was so much traffic seemingly inexplicably coming out of Milwaukee at 10:00 at night. I completely forgot that festival season is upon us. Odd since I was coming from a festival myself.

Anyway, after recombobulating at the apartment, we were on the road again - this time to Madison. The HeyMakers show was supposed to start at 11:30, and it looked like we were going to make it right at that time.

Madison can be a confusing city, so we weren’t surprised that we had to drive past the venue and circle back once before we actually found where it was. The venue was a pizza place/bar, and the bands played downstairs in another small bar area. Another band was playing when we walked in - it turns out they had switched the order, and the Heymakers were going second instead. We waved to the guys, found seats at the bar in the back, and got some drinks.

I don’t know what time they went on because my phone was dead, and I purposely didn’t wear a watch because I didn’t want to know how late it was getting. So I really have no concept of what times things happened the rest of the night. Anyway, the guys put on a good show although there was almost no one there to see it. Unfortunately, they only had a crowd of about 10, two of which were family members of Jimmy. But we enjoyed ourselves even when Jimmy called us out and told us to move closer to the stage and we stayed planted on our barstools.

After the show, Jimmy invited us to go out to eat at this place called Willalby’s, which is where we ate last time we were at a Madison show. We agreed even though we were very underwhelmed last time. I can say the omelets are good, but there were little bugs flying around everywhere, and the bathroom in the basement mildly creeped me out. Also, we’ve now learned twice - don’t get the waffles.

While we ate, I told the guys how they should play at this Milwaukee bar called Fire on Water. I don’t know how I’m going to make it happen, but I’m going to try to set something up for them. We’ll see if I have a future in PR. (Yeah right.) I know of two guys I used to work with who are in bands that have played there, but I'm not really in contact with either of them, other than on Facebook.  If any of you have tips on booking bands, I wouldn't mind the advice.

We also had a little matchmaking scheme going, but nothing really came out of that (yet?).

We left after that and got back to the apartment around 4 AM. Yeah, they really need more Milwaukee shows. I’m too old for this stuff.

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