Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Life as of Late

The good news is, I haven't cared about shopping at all in the last week. Since my overindulgent shopping post, I haven't bought a thing and haven't even been tempted. My checking account thanks me. Somewhat related to that, I haven't put much thought into getting dressed or blogging either. I've basically been makeup-less and glasses-wearing (for some reason, I tend to only wear my glasses when I don't wear makeup) for the last two weeks at work. My mind has been consumed with tour and reliving old times.

Flashback to 2000...possibly early 2001

Loving life

Girl group Tribeca - honorary Becca (Theresa), Becca, and Bekah

It's actually funny that my husband and I are both reliving the early 2000s right now. He's playing Diablo and chugging Mountain Dew or screwdrivers (depending on the time of day) like he did in college, and I'm going to local band shows. I may or may not have made a husband-approved impromptu trip to Chicago last week...and it was awesome. I'm hoping to make it to two shows next week, too. And then I believe I'll be done with those for awhile. Back to present time then! I'm hoping hubs will get bored with his video game soon, too. One can hope. He's usually not a big gamer, but he every so often, he'll play something for weeks on end until he gets sick of it. I think last time it was Gears of War. That game was LOUD. I'm glad that phase is over.

Other than that, I'm super excited it's June because that means our Maine vacation is less than four weeks away! Woohoo!! I'm a fan of road trips, but they're a lot more complicated with a kid. I believe we've road tripped it to Maine with Bridget twice now, and she was really well behaved both times. But I know as she gets older, it's going to get harder and harder. Luckily, we only have to drive with her one way this time around. When hubs was growing up, he used to spend two weeks during the summer at his grandparents' house in Maine, so we're continuing that tradition with Bridget. I'm not sure if it'll be one week or two weeks, though. I'm going to miss her like crazy after a day, so I plan on being very busy for the duration of her absence. Hubs and I have already decided we're going to out to dinner every night and going to see movies and do other things out and about that are difficult with a toddler.

Maine Trip 2011 - Bridget with her crazy Great Uncle Danny

Maine Trip 2011 - She was so teeny and round-headed!

Maine Trip 2011 - She actually kind of hated the water last year. Hopefully with swimming lessons
under her belt, she'll like the lake more this year.

And then in July, I have two Hanson shows...although I haven't asked hubs if I could go to the second one yet. So hopefully two Hanson shows. Yup, I'm a crazy person.

To round out the summer, there's the annual camping trip with hubs' college buddies in the middle of August. That's always a good time – they're a really fun group. And for the first time, we have a cabin, so I'm even more excited about it. I've never been a big fan of camping unfortunately. Then, over Labor Day weekend, the Orlando trip with the girls! Lots to look forward to this summer.

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  1. Two Hanson shows? You are a dedicated groupie! hehe Sometimes is definitely a time to relax more and take more time for yourself... you deserve it :)