Sunday, January 1, 2012

Booze, Boys, Board Games, and Black Tie

That's what my New Year's Eve consisted of.

Sweater: Old Navy; Jeans: NY & Co; Shoes: Kohl's; Hat: Forever 21

Above is what I wore to run errands in the afternoon, and below is what I wore for the New Year's festivities.

Top: Express via swap; Cami: Target; Necklace: gift

Bracelets: Target, Pandora, Charming Charlie, gift

Ring: gift

As for the breakdown of the post title:

Booze: I only had two pineapple upside down cake cocktails all night, but due to a low tolerance, not enough food and water intake, and not thinking of taking Tylenol or Advil before bed, I woke up with a raging headache.  Worth it, though!

Boys: There were no boys in attendance, but there was plenty of talk of them.  Boys are a pain sometime, but we wouldn't want to live without 'em!  We also watched a Backstreet Boys video we had never seen.  It was basically terrible, and Kevin and AJ look scary as 80s rockers.  Nick was pretty hot, and Howie was hotter as a hairband guy than he is now.

Board Games: ...If you consider Apples to Apples a board game.  Partway into the game, we just started cheating and playing more than one card at a time, which made the game even more fun.

Black Tie:  The other three girls and the baby were all in their pajamas, so I was a tad overdressed.  I joked that next time, I'm going to come in black tie attire, so I called my outfit black tie for the rest of the night.  Dressing in something sparkly and shiny is part of the fun of New Year's, so I couldn't resist.

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  1. Even the simplest outfits look great on you!

  2. Loving this look and that hat is so fun!

  3. Super cute outfit! Love Apples to Apples :)

  4. Great outfit, love the butterfly ring!

    I had a lot of fun joining you ladies for my first BDIB challenge ;)

    Happy New Year!