Monday, January 23, 2012

Week One Weigh-In

Starting Weight: 205

Goals This Week: 
  1. Schedule orientation for the fitness center at work.
  2. Sign up for the Zumba class at work.
  3. Track every single thing I eat on WW.
  4. Do not go over my weekly points allowance.
Incentives (more to come, I'm sure):

When I'm under 200, I can have peace of mind.
When I hit 190, I can buy plane tickets to Tulsa for the Hanson Day event in May.
When I hit 175, we can start trying for kiddo #2.


  1. Yay for incentives! Excited to hear how Zumba goes :) Have never tried it.

    1. The class starts next week, so I'll keep you posted. I've done two Zumba classes at different Ys in the past. The first one, I really enjoyed, but the second one was dumb. So we shall see!