Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eight Degrees

Sweater: Express (gift); Pants and Watch: NY&Co; Bracelets: Target and Charming Charlie; Boots: Target

That's how cold it was when I quickly took these pictures—8 degrees.  Luckily, I was blocked from the wind, so it wasn't too bad for the couple minutes I was out there.  The wind is what gets you here, I tell ya.  I'd be much happier about the cold and the snow if we didn't have to deal with the crazy wind.

Since I'm finally ready to jump on the big watch trend, I wanted to experiment with some different cheap versions before I commit to giving a good chunk of money to Mr. Michael Kors.  Yesterday, I experimented with huge and white; and today, I have less huge and rose gold.  At this point, I've ruled out all rose gold, but I'm not opposed to two-tone; I'm inclined to go with silver, but my Fossil watch is silver, so I find myself torn.  Can you tell I'm bad at making decisions?

In other news, wet-to-dry hair straighteners don't really work.  At least mine doesn't.  But drying then straightening my hair takes too long, haha.

I guess those are all of my random musings for the day.


  1. Are you going to do a Golden Globes fashion post?

  2. I actually didn't finish watching it until a couple days ago, so it was probably a little too after the fact at that point.