Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mixing Prints Like a Crazy Person

Top, Sweater, and Tights: Target; Skirt: self-made; Belt: Luci Boutique; Watch: Charming Charlie; Shoes: shoo  

It was just a tad cold out, but not terrible.

There are a couple things I haven't gotten down yet style-wise:
  1. How to mix prints without looking like a crazy person.
  2. How to wear this bold striped circle skirt I made without looking like Frump City, Population: 1.
But here's my attempt for wear*it Wednesday (hosted by fingers, chopsticks and bobbins this week).  I'm mixing a peacock feather T-shirt with the striped skirt and my watercolor floral flats.  At the beginning of the day, I had the sweater unbuttoned and outside of the belt, but I felt this was less crazy and frumpy.  In the end, I kind of liked the result.

Coat: MICHAEL Michael Kors via Costco; Boots: Marc Jacobs via E-Collectique



  1. My, wasn't it COLD?

    You look great! I love your skirt.

  2. We got lucky here, only a little dusting of snow here