Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Need Some Sunlight

Pants: NY & Co; Sweater: Gap; Cami: Old Navy; Blazer: Kohl's (Lauren Conrad); Booties: ModCloth; Socks: husband's; Scarf: gift

These pants are purple although you can't really tell in my dark kitchen.  I should've just given in and used a flash because all the editing I tried to do just made these pictures look either really neon or really washed out.

As far as my outfit is concerned, with the ribbon down the side of the pants, I wanted to go for a casual tuxedo look. Plus, I wanted to incorporate a blazer for wear*it Wednesday. Often with my outfits, I find I like the idea behind them, but something always seems a little off. Maybe it's my wet hair and makeup-less face. Heh.

And I just thought that picture was funny because my dog's like, "Whatcha doin?"

See? Purple.


  1. I really like your glasses on you! And I hate it when I run out of sunlight in my day!!!

  2. Hi lady! I just found your blog (via comment) and I love it:) I used to live in Wisconsin and I'm now a mommy and a journalism school grad just trying to survive in a decent outfit. You daughter is adorable!! Anyways, just started following you. Stop by, say hi and follow back if you feel like it! Nice to meet you:) XO

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  3. I know how you feel about the outfits. It seems whenever I take a photo of an outfit I think is great, I don't like it nearly as much in photos.

    For me I think it is a combination of 1) I'm not good at taking photos and I don't have a good camera, and 2) I rarely wear much makeup or do much with my hair, so, it never feels very put together when I have to see my head on the clothes.