Saturday, January 21, 2012

Final Laser Hair Removal Thoughts

I realized I never updated about my last hair removal appointment and results. That’s because there was nothing really to report.

I walked in, had my slightly less painful treatment after icing my underarms, tipped the lady (though still unsure of the tipping etiquette there), and walked out as she said, “If you need a touch up, it’ll be $50.” Touch up, shmouch up. I would need a whole other treatment at a different facility.

Pessimistically, I waited a week to see if anything came of my last treatment. In the end, I would sum it up as a patchy, very slight hair reduction. I still need to shave just as often, and I have nearly as much hair as before.

It doesn’t help that all the Ideal Image commercials on the radio taunt me every day. I’m thinking I should’ve gone that route since that company was recommended by a friend, and they have a guarantee. The only way I’d try again, though, is if I were gifted a treatment package from there. I’m definitely a little laser shy at this point.

By the way, I just clicked over to the Ideal Image website, and one of their fun facts is “Most of our guests stop shaving after the first treatment.” That makes me want to cry/scream/throw things/stab things. At least I didn’t pay full price for my treatment at the other place! I just have to keep telling myself that.

So, would I recommend laser hair removal? Only if you’ve heard many good reviews from people you know about a particular place because either A. each laser hair removal service is not created equal, or B. laser hair removal just doesn’t work on me.


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  2. I read many interesting feedback and reviews about laser hair removal treatment, but I don't know if I want to try it :D Personally, I use a Phillips device and it's great for me... I don't feel pain and my skin looks so soft. Nevertheless, a friend of mine tried this and she said only great things. Who knows, perhaps I'll follow a procedure like this as well... I'm really curious about laser hair removal :D

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