Tuesday, January 17, 2012

His Style: Nerdy Business Casual

My husband is a pretty private person except around his close friends, so I only talk about him vaguely on the blog to try and respect that although I am pretty much the opposite. But he was so excited about this hand-me-down tie from his dad that he allowed me to take an outfit picture of him.

Since a recent promotion at work, he's felt the need to dress up a little more, which is a-OK with me. Pro - he looks handsome; Big Con - more ironing. Among the guys on his team, they've also started Tie Tuesday, and he's been waiting anxiously for the perfect Tuesday to reveal his awesomely nerdy new-to-him Spock tie. I must say, I dig it. Goofy ties make life more fun.


  1. That really is an amazing tie - and your husband obviously has a sense of humour, which is always great :)

  2. HAHA! I love my brother! I didn't realize it was a hand-me-down tie! VERY COOL