Monday, March 12, 2012

Hunger Games vs. Twilight?

Although I’m not entirely qualified to do a Hunger Games review since I have not finished the series yet, I thought today would be an appropriate day to weigh in as it is the world premiere of the movie. You can stream the red carpet arrivals tonight starting at 7:30 CST. Fashion post to come later hopefully if I'm able to watch.

I resisted reading this series for a long time, but like a certain other popular series, I eventually gave in and really enjoyed it. I can see why some fans are annoyed by the Twilight comparisons, though. There are maybe only three similarities I can think of between the two:
  1. The main character is a teenage girl. 
  2. There are two boys vying for her affections. 
  3.  The hysteria surrounding the books and movies will be at least equally as large. 
But that’s where the similarities end. Katniss is nothing like Bella, and the plots share no other commonalities. They’re just two completely different things. And that’s OK. You can like both. Or one. Or neither.

Having said that, I found the beginning of Catching Fire (no spoilers, don’t worry) to be tiresome how Katniss hemmed and hawed over Gale versus Peeta. It did strike me as very New Moon-esque for a minute there. I was much happier when the story beelined and became suspenseful once again.

As far as my reactions on the first book, going into it, I was nervous about the gruesome and disturbing parts I had heard rumblings about. Without spoiling anything, the part that got to me was the final death in the games. I hope they make that part of the movie very short...or take it out entirely. What I enjoyed most about the first book was the journey aspect of it. I tend to like stories where the character has to physically get from one place to another and face various challenges in the middle. I guess that ensures the story moves along. Because of that journey, I may like the first book a smidge better than the second, but I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll know for sure once I finish Mockingjay. At this point, I still haven’t decided whether I’m “Team Gale or Team Peeta.” You?

Many people have said they like The Hunger Games better than Twilight. I am not one of them. (GASP! COUGH! KICK! RUN AWAY!) BUT, that doesn’t mean I don’t thoroughly enjoy the story telling. I had a couldn’t-put-it-down moment and devoured the last half of Catching Fire in one night. And I know the movies are going to be excellent. There’s just no doubt in my mind. And really, there’s no need to compare the two and pit one against the other. As far as super popular multi-book series made into movies go, Harry Potter is going to win for me anyway.

But I’m still pretty darn excited to see the movie on the 24th! What scene are you most/least looking forward to seeing?


  1. But don't you think the quality of writing was a major difference? Hunger Games wasn't fine literature, but it was decent writing. I couldn't get through the first Twilight book because the writing was so bad! I made my sweet husband read it for me and tell me what happened!

    1. Yes I do agree with that. There was a difference in the quality of the writing, which is another reason Hunger Games fans are probably so up in arms about the comparison.

    2. Ok, thank you for agreeing with me. I can calm down now! :)

  2. I wrote a long reply, but I think it was too anti-Twilight ;), so I'll just say: exactly, Harry Potter will always be the winner of the three (there's just no comparison). If you wind up liking the Hunger Games, I recommend "Divergent"---similar feel, but better, in my opinion!

    1. Haha that's OK, I know the gist. Bella is weak and is in an abusive relationship, sparkling vampires are the dumbest things ever, and Stephenie Meyer is a hack. I just somehow got sucked into (pun intended) the allure of it all.

      Yay HP!

  3. Like Shifted Thrift, I think the writing quality is the major difference between the two series. Twilight was so poorly written, IMO, that I couldn't read past the first book. The Hunger Games, while Katniss is not terribly likable, are far better written. And, frankly, I like that Katniss is less than noble; I don't know any teenagers who would step up and stop acting like a teenage in this situation. I think it makes her realistic. And, dammit, just better written! :-)