Saturday, March 31, 2012


1. A short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress.

Cardigan: Rami Kashou via eBay; Belt and Boots: Target; Cami: NY&Co; Skirt: some mall store like Deb probably; I've had it for awhile; Tights: I don't remember, but they're pretty comfy; Watch: Michael Kors; Necklace: E-Collectique Runway Boutique

Here's my new Rami Kashou cardigan I scored on eBay! The inside is jersey, which also pokes out the bottom for a fun detail, and the outer layer is this ribbed knit fur type of material. It's verrry warm; I'm kind of glad we had a cold and rainy day so that I could justify wearing it and not roast. It'll be perfect for winter.

I'm actually a little panicked about washing it since there was no material tag with washing instructions, but my plan is to turn it inside out, wash it on cold and maybe delicate, hang it to dry, and hope for the best. Or maybe dry clean just in case...yeah right.

I have to say, this peplum thing makes me feel a little Effie Trinket. In a good way.


At first, I didn't think people with hips could wear a big ruffle around their problem area, but I think the idea of the peplum shape is to make the waist look smaller and give a great hourglass shape. I had/have the same insecurities about pencil skirts, which is why I don't own any. Now I kind of want to buy tons of pencil skirts and things with flouncy peplums.

Off topic, but I also feel kind of like a muppet with the furry-ish fabric. Speaking of muppets, we've been watching Sesame Street with Bridget lately, and I didn't realize until now how they sometimes inject a little bit of humor for the adults, too. Yesterday, we were watching one where Cookie Monster couldn't find his cookie. He was looking all around below him, muttering to himself, and said "Usually the prop man is here to hand it to me." Hubs and I busted out laughing just 'cause it was so unexpected and so over any kids' head that would be watching. Maybe you had to be there, but I thought it was hi-larious.

Well, that was random. Happy weekend!


  1. Oh, wow! That cardigan is so damn pretty! The peplum really shows off your great figure. It's a silhouette that looks awesome on you.

  2. Girl. I felt the same way about pencil skirts. And then something happened somewhere along the line and suddenly half my skirt collection is pencil skirts. Thank god. I don't think I completely understand the difference between a peplum and a flared top (maybe there isn't one) but I'm loving the trend. I think it's really one of those things that looks good on everybody, even though (like pencil skirts) some women think they can't wear it.

    Also, with the sweater: try hand washing, maybe?

    1. I think a peplum is a separate piece of fabric sewn on so there's a seam showing, and a flare is the same piece of fabric flaring out. At least, that's my understanding of it.

      I have yet to find a pencil skirt that fits the ole hips while not gaping in the waist, but the search continues! I'm sure once I find one, that's all I'll want to wear.

      Rami tweeted me back and recommended I dry clean it. So I guess that's the route I will go!

  3. I had the same fears about wearing peplum because I figured it would make my wide hips look wider but turns out it's pretty flattering! Who'd a though? This sweater seems so cozy and I loved Rami on Project Runway way back when! I've already paired my peplum with skinny pants, I'll have to try with a pencil skirt next! Thanks for stopping by!