Wednesday, March 7, 2012

wear*it Wednesday: How to Wear Your Favorite Item of Clothing

First up is Rachel from for the birds, who says, "This dress from eshakti is the most comfortable dress I own.. it's made of this flowy, chiffon material and of course, I love the print. I also wear this hat and these boots all.the.time. This hat is by far one of my favorite accessories."

This blush-colored dress from H&M may or may not be my favorite item of clothing. I guess I don’t get very emotionally attached to clothes because I had trouble selecting a favorite item. If I still fit into my wedding dress, and if it wasn’t preserved in a box at my parents, I would’ve donned that for a few hours and pranced around the house.

But this dress counts as a favorite because I keep wanting to wear it time and time again. I bought it for one of the many weddings I attended the summer I was pregnant (I wasn’t that far along at that point); and since then, I’ve worn it to work a couple times here and there and also to my 28th birthday party. I wanted to wear it for Valentine’s Day this year, but I resisted.

Dress: H&M; Tights and Sunglasses: Target; Blazer and Shoes: Kohl's; Faux Leather Jacket: K-mart


  1. Both of you look totally adorable. The pink dress is definitely a winner and obviously wearable in multiple seasons. Love the blazer with ruffles. Cute!

  2. I love the pretty pink dress with dark tights! So cute!

  3. Such a pretty how you style it with the leather jacket!!