Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wear*it Wednesday: Bold Lipstick

Not that you're judging, but although I did a post wearing this top on Friday, the pictures were actually from last Sunday (a week and a half ago). But again, not that you care.

Both Tank Tops: Old Navy; Cardigan: Boston Store: Pants: Gap; Shoes: Famous Footwear; Watch: Michael Kors; Flower in Hair: Kohl's, I think; Necklace: World Market

Darn Gap pants. The hems have now fallen out on both legs, and I haven't gotten around to sewing them yet (actually, I just completely forgot). I did get these on clearance; they are probably not representative of the typical quality of Gap pants. At least they're symmetrical now, though. Last time I wore them, only one of the hems was undone. That was an awkward day. Oh well, I need new pants anyway. Belts have been a requirement lately.

And here's me trying to catch the camera before it falls off the post I have it balanced on.

Rawr! (It didn't fall, by the way.)

Next week's theme is Pastels if you'd like to participate. After that is a Printed Skirt or Dress, and then I'm out of ideas if anyone has any suggestions!

wear*it Wednesday


  1. OMG! The hem on the J.Crew pants I wore today started coming undone! I just noticed it when I got home and was taking them off. CRAP!

    While you were catching your camera, I noticed your nail polish. Love the color. What is it!?

    1. Thanks! It's Salley Hansen Mint Sorbet.

  2. We look related in that first pic!

  3. Great color combination! Nice quick hands, too! So glad your camera's fine!