Thursday, March 15, 2012

Staring off into the Distance

I didn't like my face in any of the other shots (I should try wearing makeup and not having a double chin one of these days), so this was going to be the only picture.

But then I was in a good mood after work with the beautiful spring weather, so I gave it another shot, this time facing the sunshine.

Dress: Anthropologie; Boots: Kohl's; Watch: Zing Accessories; Necklace: World Market 

Much better, I say. Probably because of the sunglasses.

Last time I wore this dress, I went with a more polished and demure look; I wanted to change it up this time around and try something more casual and laid-back.


  1. Yay love the Anthro dress! You're making me want more dresses with sleeves, stat. Beautiful photos and outfit.

  2. Great dress :) love the colour.

  3. That dress is great!! Such a fabulous color and cut. Love how you paired it with the red necklace!

  4. Love the dress. Great color. Very flattering on you!

    Rebecca (hearts)...

  5. Supercute. I love the dress with the necklace. Also: bare legs!

  6. I really like this outfit - I'm partial to that shade of yellow. :)

  7. That dress is so amazing. You look incredible in this outfit, one of my favourites of yours for sure!

  8. That's why I rarely post outfit photos, and why when I do, they are often faceless.

    You "found the light" this time, haha.