Friday, March 2, 2012

New Top and Another Concert

Blouse: Luci Boutique; White Shirt: Old Navy; Pants: NY&Co; Booties: Mr. Shoe; Bracelet: Kohl's

This is the pink top I bought over the weekend. I have a thing where I want to wear my new clothes right away; and in this case, the lace was too pretty to cover up, so I layered a shirt underneath. It may look a little silly, but it got the job done.

Sort of off topic, but not completely because it happened on Wednesday when I was wearing this outfit, I bought hubs and me tickets to see Jars of Clay in April. He's not a big concert guy at all, especially at venues without seats, but I knew he was a fan of of the band, so he was up for it.

I didn't think he was that excited about it, though, until I came home to him blasting Jars of Clay music. As an avid, somewhat obsessive concert-goer myself, I was proud that he was studying up already and psyched about the upcoming show. Until he logged onto their website and learned that he was nine albums behind. Whoops. In his defense, what band releases an album a year? That's crazy talk!

I kind of mocked him for being a bad fan until I remembered how I stopped buying Backstreet Boys albums years ago but still see the shows. Guess I'm a bad fan, too! Now I'm glad he said no to buying VIP meet n greet tickets for this show. That would've been awkward. Neither of us would even know who's in the band.


  1. I got the ring! It's so pretty!! It fits my right ring finger perfectly :) Tell Lindsey thanks!