Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Click Clack Click Clack

Dress: Simply Vera via blog saleBelt: Luci Boutique; Shoes: ModCloth; Necklace: ?; Watch and Bag: Michael Kors; Sunglasses: Target

The little rubber piece of the heel of my right shoe has worn off, which is causing the annoying "click clack, click clack" sounds whenever I walk. I recently learned those can be replaced by a cobbler, though, which would've saved me from throwing out some shoes over the years. Unfortunately, I probably won't find the motivation to take them in anytime soon. I still have a pile of clothes from March probably that need to go to the dry cleaners.

This secondhand dress is a new purchase from Meggy. I bought it because the painted design of the dress kind of reminded me of this Kate Spade one except it's actually Simply Vera from Kohl's. And while I'm linking to things, the inspiration for the outfit as a whole came from this Style Block post. I'm in the market for an edgy belt like the one in that post, but the one I'm wearing works for now.


  1. You CAN get heel tap replaced at a shoe repair. Some of my heels have come with extras, too!

  2. You look great! I'm so glad the dress found a new home! :)

  3. Love that dress! Love those booties, too. Looking a little rocker chic today, and I'm loving it!

    Rebecca (hearts)...

  4. Ahh! Looking so stylin'. Love the MKE backdrop.