Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How Tall Can You Get?

That's what hubby said to me yesterday morning while I was walking around in these tall-for-me wedges. This is why I have a height complex. We're the same height, and I may even be a hair taller but never admit it, so I tend to shy away from heels. I would say these are probably the tallest ones I have, and they're not even that high. You can see them from the side better in this post. I'm sure if I wore heels all the time, everyone (including myself) would get used to it, but yeah...no thanks.

T-shirt: Express; Skirt: ASOS; Sunglasses: Target; Shoes: NY&Co; Bracelet: Kate Spade

Besides being paranoid about the height thing, I was also a little self-conscious about my choice of wearing a sequined T-shirt to work (except you can't really see the sequins in the pictures), but I thought it was the best option among the three other tops I tried on. Then, I was exponentially more self-conscious when I ran in the VP of our division in the kitchen while getting hot water for my tea. She's always nicely dressed and corporately stylish, not just matching business suits, but still. We politely said good morning to each other, and I smiled as I walked out. When she didn't smile back, I was even more self-conscious. Normally, I just hide in my cube most of the day, and I'm thinking that may have been a good idea yesterday, too. Then again, maybe I'm overreacting...

The skirt I love, though. It's a new purchase and my first purchase from ASOS. I saw Lynzy from Sparkling Footsteps wearing it, clicked the link, confirmed that the skirt was on sale for $31, hesitated for a few minutes because I really didn't need another skirt, and ordered it in the end because it's yellow. So you're welcome for the commission, hehe. I love how she styled it, too. Next time, I'll have to try wearing it with my white lace top. That top must be in the laundry because I couldn't find it yesterday morning.

And yeah, I know these photos are terrible. This is after much editing and adjusting of settings, too. That's what I get for taking pictures under a tree.


  1. Speaking as a sometimes frustrated shortie, you should be proud of your height! Those wedges look great on you! Or the other way around- you look great in those wedges!

  2. I love Asos. I just bought my first pieces from them a few months ago and they're great. That skirt is a great color, too!

  3. Im taller than my boyfriend too! Sometimes I feel weird about it... but what helps is that he doesn't care about my height at all. So I wear my 4 inch heels around him and he doesn't mind one bit, except for when I complain about my feet hurting. I love your outfit, especially your new skirt! How lovely : )



  4. I really enjoy your blog! would you maybe want to follow each other? Oh and converse are my new favorite shoe! They are like really sporty and chic flats! Plus I can almost always find a cute pair at ross for cheap!



  5. Loving the shoes!

    xo Jennifer


  6. i hate that feeling when you get an idea in your head and then get more and more self conscious throughout the day! but, i think you look fabulous...not unprofessional at all!

  7. Aw love when tall girls wear heels! No shame! You look fabulous. The shirt isn't too shiny, I think the outfit is great for work :)

  8. Girl I WISH I was 6 feet tall! How tall are you!? I say wear those high heels and wear them proudly :) You are a gorgeous girl! And you are totally overthinking the sparkles during work thing... you look super appropriate for the office :) No more second guessing yourself! ;)


    1. I am about 5'10-1/2" ish. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  9. Love this look! And I think sequins are totally work appropriate. You should totally work the heels if you want. Who said you have to be shorter than your husband? Height is beautiful!