Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pearls, Lace, and a Tassel

Top: NY&Co; Skirt: ASOS; Necklace: Charming Charlie; Bracelet and Shoes: Kohl's

I had a fun end of the day at work today. I was in a meeting where I actually felt like I knew what I was talking about, and I also liked the other people involved. It always helps when you get along with your coworkers, and I do enjoy working with the writers on the team even though I can be a quiet loner at times.

And now I'm chilling at home with Bridge, watching the third Harry Potter movie. It really blows my mind some of things J.K. Rowling came up with in these stories. That's one creative lady, to say the least. I still believe the odd numbered movies are the best.

Yeah, I can't multitask, so I'm gonna stop writing and just give you a detail shot.


  1. You had me at tassel. Seriously, I'm a fool for a tassel and absolutely LOVE that bracelet. Really, though, I love this whole outfit; you look great!

  2. LOL - I can totally relate to the good feelings around being in a meeting where you actually feel like you're contributing. It's intoxicating! And part of what makes work - sometimes - fun. As for J.K., that is one smart lady.

  3. You might have a point there with the odd numbered books... I'll have to think about that!

  4. I just love that skirt - great summer piece!!!