Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week Twenty-Three Weigh-in

Current Weight: 191.4 (down .6 lb this week, 13.6 lb overall)

Here's the problem. I never feel like entering points on the weekend. And I always feel like eating everything in sight on the weekend. Basically, I have to start saving all my points for Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen this week with state fair tomorrow (!!!).

To make up for my inevitably bad eating week, I decided to go for a run this morning. Not that it helps that much, but it's better than nothing. It does help me feel more energetic during the day. My knees hurt like crazy during today's run, and the dog was annoying as usual, but I'm still glad I did it. Depending on how late I stay up tonight, I may go again tomorrow. We'll see.

Speaking of energy, I've been coffee free for a week now. I got caffeine headaches the first two days; but by the third, I was good to go. Although I'm not sure how much difference it's making, I might as well continue with the lower caffeine content green tea. Maybe that's what helped me lose the half pound since I did kind of gorge myself last weekend.


  1. AWESOME for cutting back on caffeine! I used to be addicted to caffeinated pop, and it took a bit to let my body adjust to not having it, and now it feels so good not to be addicted.

  2. Do you have the mobile WW tracker and scanner on your phone? I use that a lot. It is much easier for me to do that with both the kids rather than having to go on the computer to track things.

    Good for you for getting rid of the caffeine. I have been semi caffeine free since having Aubrey. I do have an occasional caffinated soda (it helps with migraines when I get them) other wise it is 1-2 caffeine free sodas a week. I do also have decaf coffee and teas (not green tea right now but Mother's Milk which I love)

    Also props for running. I have always wanted to get into running but every time I try my asthma starts to go haywire, even with medication so I have just stuck with walking. However it seems to have gotten a little better since having Colton, but I am not ready to start the exercise part of it yet. Just going to focus on the food part as I really need to keep my supply up to meet my year (hopefully +) goal this time around.


    1. I downloaded the Android WW app awhile ago, but it was sooooooooo slooowww and huge that it killed my phone whenever I used it. I may have to try downloading it again and see if they've improved it at all.

      Yeah running's OK. I don't hate it as much as I did at first, but I also don't do it as often as I should. Once a week isn't really going to get me anywhere. I imagine it would be really hard to get into with asthma, though.

      I may have to try some of your tricks like that tea to keep my supply going longer next time. I never had much of a supply with Bridget, but I hardly ever found time to eat anything remotely nutritious, so I guess I'm not surprised.

    2. Hmmm... I have not had problems with the app except initially when I couldn't track but that was both online and with the app. It might be a little slow at time but I don't think it is to slow.

      My cousin recommended the tea and Fenugreek to me as I was talking to her about how my supply dipped with starting WW. She had a breast surgery a few years ago and had some supply issues with her daughter.

      The tea takes some getting used to as it smells and tastes like black licorice but I got used to it. Bonus to the tea is it helps with Colton's gas and fussiness as well as it seems to produce a better quality milk. I drink this 3-4 times a day. The Fenugreek smells like maple syrup and I take 2 pills three times a day. Some people need more but I am just looking to maintain my supply at what it was before I started.

      My cousin and the LC I work with both told me that I will know when I am taking enough of both because my sweat and urine will smell like syrup (Colton even smells like it). I also eat oatmeal 1-2 times per day and drink half my weight in water. That is really helping a lot.