Friday, August 24, 2012

Emma Watson Inspiration


Hat and Sandals: Target; Top: Luci Boutique; Vest and Watch: NY&Co; Jeans: Lee via Kohl's

I guess it's only appropriate to wear an Emma Watson inspired look since I've been re-watching all the Harry Potter movies to get pumped up for Orlando. I watched Goblet of Fire (fourth movie) last night, which I have a new appreciation for. Although I still don't think it's as good as any of the odd-numbered movies, I definitely like it more than I used to. I'm already kind of not looking forward to Half-Blood Prince (sixth movie). Easily my least favorite; but who knows, maybe I'll like that one more now, too.

By the way, who knew I would like white bootcut jeans so much? The tags on these said they were slimming and wouldn't stretch out and sag throughout the day, and I have to agree. They stayed put pretty well; I didn't have to hike them up or wear a belt. And they stayed white all day except for a little mishap with chocolate in the car. That never ends well, but Tide to Go saved the day.

Full disclosure, though, I only wore the hat for the pictures. I did wear the rest for work.

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