Thursday, August 16, 2012

In the Kohl's Fitting Room

Since I had an hour to kill while my car was in the shop getting new tires (yay, now I won't be nervous driving in the rain with bald tires), I walked across the parking lot to kill some time at Kohl's. And of course I spent money.

Here's everything I lugged into the fitting room:

I loved the studded collar of his top, but they only had a Medium, which was a little tight in the chest. The tent-like cut is not ideal on my body shape, but it's going to be perfect for layering. I ended up buying this online in a Large. The jeans have a lace pattern on them, which I wanted to love although I'm anti-patterned pants on myself. They were just too tight in the legs, I thought, but maybe that's how they're supposed to fit. They are called "super skinny."

Oh my gosh. Every woman I saw shopping in the misses department, including me, picked up this top. I probably will regret buying it later because I'm sure I'll run into someone else wearing it in life, but I bought it anyway. The jeans are the same style as the lace ones, so of course, I didn't like the fit of these either. The color was cool, though.

I loved this blazer when I tried it on. It's so fun. I have like three blazers at home that are too big, so I think I'm going to get rid of a couple of them. Since I already have two pink blazers (one really pale and one bright), I ended up ordering the blue version of this one online.

I kind of wanted white jeans, and these fit pretty well and were on clearance, but I still couldn't justify it. Am I really going to want to wear white jeans in a couple weeks? Probably not. And who knows what size I'm going to be next summer.

Same thing with these pants. They were cheap, but I still couldn't bring myself to buy them. I tried on skinny cargo pants last year and wasn't crazy about them on me then either.

This dress would be adorable on different body type; but on me, it fit on the bottom, but it was too big on the top. I tend to need separates when it comes to fitted skirts.

Lauren Conrad actually made a dress that's not super short! It's a miracle! But I grabbed a size too big, and I wasn't super excited about it anyway. I would like the top and the bottom separately, but I wasn't all about it in dress form.

This dress (which I thought was also Lauren Conrad, but I can't find it online) was cute, but a tad on the short side. Not as short as her stuff usually is on me, but still shorter than I'd like to go, especially for work.


  1. I love the stripe peplum top and white eans outfit. If the jeans were cheap enough, I think you shod go back and get them. Thy fit great and you can wear them in winter with the right styling and fabrics on top. "Stylized Existance" blog just did a post today on it!!!

    1. You are a bad influence! They were only $15, so maybe... And I see that I have another Kohl's coupon in my email this morning...

  2. I really like that first top - glad you could find it online in your size! I also really like those Lauren Conrad dresses, makes me wish I had a Kohl's in Canada.

  3. I love that striped top... I am off to the khols website to check it out...thanks!