Friday, February 25, 2011

And the Award Goes to...

Still excited from Wed.'s Top Model premiere, so here's Tyra with her Fiercee Award.

Get in on the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF) action.

1. Creative Juices (most creative): This one was hard, but I think the two birds ladies are pretty creative style-wise.  I love their Style Me feature where they find odd thrift store clothes and make them cute and fashionable.  They have serious remixing skills.  Plus, after Megan's recent hallway makeover, I know they're pretty crafty as well.

2. The Real Deal (authenticity):  I know a lot of people are going to put Kendi.  Well, so am I!

3. Spark Notes (most helpful): Let's say the academichic ladies.  Not only are there four of them (four times the knowledge), but they're all ridiculously smart and insightful.  You often find yourself learning something new while reading their blog.

4. Newbie (best blogger less than a year old): She has a fun shiny new blog, and we have the same name, so I had to put Bekah from matters of merrymaking.

Although the blog is not fashion/beauty related, I would also like to add PsychoBabble by Lindsey, who is one of my real life BFFs and shopping buddy.  She writes about mommyhood, and one of my favorite topics of hers is baby names.  Plus, I just like looking at pictures of her freakin' adorable son!

5. Can You Hear Me Now (most connected): I took this to mean who has the most/best connections to other people. Not sure if that's how it was intended or not. Anyway, I would say Jessica at What I Wore for her fashion week adventures alone, not to mention her book she has coming out this fall.

6. If I had a Hammer (best DIY): Keira from a pretty penny.  I've really been enjoying her restyle projects lately.

7. Tribe Leader (blogger who leads others and brings bloggers together): It would only make sense to our FBFF hostess with the mostest, Katy from Modly Chic since she is the reason for these awards in the first place.

8. Practically Perfect (most fashionable): How about Jentine at my edit.  That girl can get away with things most people can't.  She also can be a pretty fearless pattern mixer.

9. Paint by Numbers (best beauty blogger): I don't follow any blogs that are strictly beauty-related, so this one was the toughest.  I did check out FIERCE today and enjoyed the read, so I'll go with M.J.!

10. Renaissance Woman (best all around blogger, fashion, beauty, lifestyle): Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  She can cook, decorate, shop, etc., etc.  Not to mention, she has gorgeous hair! 

Speaking of awards, have you RSVPed to the Oscar Live Chat yet? Why not??


  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out! I should definitely get back to blogging. Maybe I'll have some time today during naptime!

  2. Thank you for the Tribe Leader nomination!I need to check out a couple of the other blogs you mentioned. - Katy

  3. Thanks so much for the nom! I'm pumped for the Oscar live chat!