Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting Discovered

I was certainly not the one getting discovered over the weekend, but a friend did!  Since I spent my weekend sleepily rushing around, I thought it'd be more exciting to talk about someone else's weekend success.

So file this one under "cool things you always wish would happen but never do but actually did!"  My sis-in-law was visiting this weekend and went out for karaoke with friend, Jane, Saturday night.  Jane is an AMAZING singer and tried out for American Idol once several years ago.  Although she is way more talented than even some of the people who made it, she was not chosen because she is the all-American-type girl, which is apparently not marketable.  Anywho, after belting out a toe-tapping, head-bobbing, fist-pumping (I can only imagine, as I was not actually present) rendition of Ceelo Green's "F--- You" (Right?  I'm totally recounting this story second hand; and remember, I'm the worst storyteller ever.), a woman approached her.  I also have to mention that my sis also has a great voice and sang a country song, and this woman was also interested in her.

As described by sis, this woman was middle age but very put together and looked like she probably had work done.  So basically, very L.A.  She told the girls that she's a stunt woman who has been in over a hundred movies and also writes songs for Capitol Records in her free time.  Ya know, no big deal, right?  The woman gave them her card, and sis encouraged her to focus her attention on Jane.  She told them that she had a little falling out with her contact at Capitol, but that she would definitely kiss some major bootay and pass on Jane's information.  It may take a little time, but her friend would be contacting Jane, said the woman. 

How cool is that!  That never happens!  I guess the moral of the story is, if you have real talent and drive, doors will open.  And Jane's karaoke song of the night can hopefully soon be dedicated to the producers of American Idol!

In other news, who watched the Oscars last night?  I was honestly kind of bored and turned it off halfway through.  I am bummed I missed Mandy Moore singing.  She looked spectacular as always from what I saw online.  I was pretty amused by this article that compared her to an Anne Hathaway wannabe.  I can kind of see it.  They're both fabulous, though.

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