Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yup, she's a little too small for the jumperoo.
Bridget must've been showing off for her aunt while she was here because since Nate's parents got here, she's been pretty cranky.  Not consistently, but moreso in the last couple days.  It may be because her schedule is off, but other theories we've gone through are the usual suspects like constipation, gas, or maybe even teething.  Probably too early for teething yet although her drool has picked up a little lately.

Luckily, having four of us around is helping us all keep our sanity.  In the last couple hours, we've passed her from Nate, to his mom, to me, to his dad.  She would calm down for awhile but then start crying again.  She wasn't hungry or sleepy because rocking and trying to give her a bottle didn't work.  One random thing that briefly worked was holding her in front of the hutch in our dining room so she could look at our wedding frames and glassware and stuff.  From the sounds of it, Gramps calmed down his granddaughter, though, so that's good.  I think he may have turned on some music, which is a good go-to soothing move.

It'll be so nice when she can actually tell us what she wants.  Bridget's been a pretty good baby so far, though, but I'm not looking forward to when she starts teething.  That part doesn't sound fun; but on the other hand, at least we'd know what was wrong with her then.

Our last visitor in this month of family fun is coming in today.  Nate's other sister is on her way from Michigan right now, driving in this nutty snow storm we're having.  So for a few days, we'll have five people to tag in to soothe Bridge.  It's a good thing she's so freakin' cute!

View from our backyard


  1. Hey there- Just wanted to say I've loved catching up on your blog and I am glad we can be FBFF newbies together. I'm also pumped about the Oscars live chat. If you'd like to follow me on twitter, there's a link on my blog!
    Bekah- Matters of Merrymaking

  2. Picking up in drooling is pretty normal around 2-3 months. Aubrey drooled like crazy in fact she got pretty bad drool rash, which we cleared up with cortozone cream and a good thick moisturizer. If she is teething you would be able to tell by sticking your finger in her mouth. There would be a clear bump on her gums, usually the bottom two teeth come in first, but you probably already knew that. A good tip about teething that worked with Aubrey, was letting her chew on frozen wash cloths. She loved it and it really helped with her fussiness when she was teething.

    As far as being cranky maybe its the crazy weather we have had the last few days because Aubrey has been a bear the last 2-3 days. She pretty much has cried non stop for the last few days.

  3. HEHE... i think Ms. Bridget was sooo good for her first aunt because Auntie Nina is AWESOME and she makes funny faces at her when she doesn't know why her niece is crying. I miss you guys tons and i hope she doesn't drive everyone TOOOO crazy

  4. Even when they're teething it's hard to know if it's really teething or that they aren't feeling well or that they have an ear infection. The list goes on and on.
    Stephen is definitely way cranky when his schedule gets thrown off, so I would think that theory is the most plausible at this point.

  5. Aaron's drool has been noticeable lately too, but I don't think it's teething- not yet. I know he has gas issues (I feel so sorry for the little guy). He's been, overall, a very easy going baby, I'm super lucky. Maybe it's those December birthdays. :)