Monday, February 14, 2011

Mad Love for Judy Greer

It's kind of funny that Mad Love premieres tonight on CBS because last week, I started writing a blog post about my love of Judy Greer after seeing her How I Met Your Mother episode.  Then yesterday, I saw a preview for Mad Love and figured I should probably tune in although I really don't need another show to watch.  But I could definitely convince my hubs to watch that instead of The Bachelor, which will also be DVRing at the time.

Judy Greer always seems to play a funny supporting role, but my favorite of her characters is Katherine Heigl's slutty BFF in 27 Dresses.  I once watched 13 Going on 30 on TV where they were showing interviews with some of the cast (including Kenosha, WI's own, Mark Ruffalo), and Judy Greer was talking about how she was a big geek in high school.  Of course, that only made me like her more.  Most recently, I saw her in Love and Other Drugs, in which she was a delightfully dorky doctor's office receptionist who has a crush on Jake Gyllenhaal's character.

I'm not really a Jason Biggs fan, but I knew that Mad Love would probably be funny because of him; Sarah Chalke from Scrubs, Roseanne, and How I Met Your Mother fame; and of course, Judy Greer.  Here's the synopsis of the show from CBS:
MAD LOVE is a comedy about a quartet of New Yorkers - two who are falling in love and two who despise each other... at least for now. Ben, a lawyer, is a hopeless romantic trying to build a relationship with Kate, a beautiful, smart girl whom Ben thinks is the woman of his dreams. Larry, Ben's unrefined best friend and co-worker, is a guy who doesn't believe in love and has a long track record as the third wheel. Connie, Kate's roommate, works as a nanny and finds Larry aggravating... or does she? Larry and Connie have a lot in common, but refuse to let their guard down long enough to see it.
Here's a preview from Hulu:

And to think, 6ish months ago I had no sitcoms I watched on a regular basis.  Now I have How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, and Traffic Light if it keeps me amused.  And maybe this one--we'll see.  In fact, I read a review that compared Mad Love to How I Met Your Mother saying, "Mad Love is the kind of program that the characters on How I Met Your Mother would watch."  So there ya go.


  1. The first thing I thought when I saw a preview for "Mad Love" was that it looked a lot like "How I Met Your Mother." Maybe I'll have to give this one a shot, too. Ugh, too many shows!

    Side note: I didn't know Mark Ruffalo was from Kenosha. Now I like him even more.

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