Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V'day Wrap-up

Yesterday turned out to be a good birthday/Valentine's Day.

  • A lot of people wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook, which made me feel loved as lame as that may sound.
  • A high school classmate reminded me of a friendly valentine I sent him in college from the days when my roommates and I would play Yahoo! Graffiti all the time, and it made me laugh.
  • The angel food cake I made was tasty, and I only had to bring home two pieces, which is pretty good.
  • I talked to someone about a possible matchmaking opportunity.  I love matchmaking!
  • After having an awkward conversation with the wine dude in the grocery store, I managed to pick out a decent Shiraz (wine dude's favorite) and Moscato.
  • Filets were sold out in three different grocery stores, so we had to buy the even more awesome, high roller steak.  It was expensive and delicious!
  • Instead of getting me flowers, hubs brought home my favorite blueberry muffins and brownies. 
  • We had a very nice dinner with hubby's sister after she spent some quality time with her niece while we were at work.
  • And last, but definitely not least, my daughter laughed for the first time!  And I got it on video!

By the way, in case anyone is wondering, I did not get to watch Mad Love last night.  It was on the same time as House, so we watched that instead.  I see that CBS posted the episode online, though, so I'll have to watch it later.