Thursday, February 17, 2011

Somewhat Refreshed

I don't plan on doing Awkward and Awesome Thursday every week, but I happen to have some awkward and awesome things to mention today, so I'm going for it.

  • Going to the gas station this morning and realizing that the pump hose is not attached to anything and just dangling from the nozzle.  Even more awkward, considering trying to pump it anyway.
  • Tights that don't fit.  Target tights just don't work for me, and I think I've finally learned my lesson.  My 8-minute walk from my car to work was definitely getting more and more awkward with each step.
  • Too-full coffee that spit up on my hand as I walked.
  • Not being able to hear what someone says, so just guessing and being wrong.  Pretty sure I do that almost every day, but I did it again this morning.
  • The Tom Fuller Band.  Or, a man old enough to be your father with blond hipster hair and skinny jeans.
  • New shoes!  See below for a picture.
  • Having some time to hang out and feed my daughter before work today.
  • New followers and comments from strangers on my blog yesterday--yay!  And welcome!
  • Getting to relive some pre-married days fun by going to an Ingram Hill concert (pictures below).
  • The fact that tomorrow is Friday!
  • Cooking for my in-laws for the first time.  I'm hoping this will be awesome, but that is yet to be seen.
  • Sister-in-law's birthday today!  I don't know if you read this, but happy birthday if you do!

I got a 20 oz. coffee from the gas station this morning, and I'm ready to go! After only getting 5 hours of sleep last night, I'm surprisingly chipper. Last night was definitely what I needed to recharge. Plus, I got to spend 45 minutes with my daughter this morning, so I was really happy about that.  Even though I'm physically exhausted, I'm ready to take on the day! 

Yesterday, the work day kind of dragged, so I was very happy when 5:00 came. Also around that same time, I started getting some stranger comments and followers--hi all! So that put me in a good mood.

Number 1 on my to-do list for the night was to stop at Shoo and use my groupon to buy some springy shoes.  Hubs and I are very soon going to re-establish our budget, so I wanted to get all the spending I was going to do out of the way.  I'd been to Shoo once or twice before, and the selection was really fun and unique, but the prices were always a little too rich for my blood.  So when groupon had a deal for a $100 coupon for $45, I snatched it up.  Unfortunately, the shoes I wanted ended up being $43 additional, which makes this definitely the most I've ever spent on shoes.  But then again, I'm pretty cheap.  I'm banking on them lasting for a very long time.  Anyway, admire them!  Aren't they cute?  I'm already trying to plan an Easter outfit around them.

All Black Snake Tie
After stopping at Shoo, I hurried over to Pizza Shuttle to meet some friends for dinner and a concert.  I did take a picture of the pizza (and it was very tasty pizza), but you all know what pizza looks like, and the picture is currently trapped on my camera anyway.

Once we were all sufficiently fed, we headed over to Shank Hall for the Ingram Hill show.  It was fun to let loose, listen to some good music (and some Tom Fuller Band...), and hang out with some fans and the guys from the band a little bit.  Justin, Phil, and Zach are super nice guys even though Phil does look like Luigi these days with his mustache.

Phil and Justin

(All photos taken by Katie...except for the one she's in...)


  1. those shoes are amazing! i hope dinner goes well!

  2. "Not being able to hear what someone says, so just guessing and being wrong. Pretty sure I do that almost every day, but I did it again this morning."

    I do that ALL THE TIME! Definitely awkward.

  3. That sounds like so much fun! And those shoes are absolutely fabulous. I love the little low heel and the ties. Gorgeous.

    And Target tights don't work for me either. I won't buy them unless they're footless or unless they're the Assets brand. I've found those work pretty well, but Target brand tights hit me about mid-thigh. Which I do not love.


  4. lol Tom Fuller...definitely awkward!