Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 15 of 30: Scary Color Combo

When I saw the inspiration (EVERY TIME I try to type that word, I type inspriation first, arg) photo for today, I loved it and thought it was super cute but wrote it off immediately because I didn't have anything like that in my 30 for 30 (and I tend to take these inspiration pictures too literally).

BUT WAIT!  I have a dress the color of the cardigan and a cardigan the color of the skirt!  Now there were only two problems: 1. I just wore the cardigan on Thursday, and 2. Do these colors even go together?  They do on Diane Kruger, but I wasn't sure about on me.  So this color combination is definitely a stretch for me.  I planned to spend most of the day not wearing the cardigan because it made me nervous.

Dress and Hat: Target; Cardigan: New York & Company; Shoes: Kohl's;  Belt: husband's

Holy moly, my hair looks dark in these pictures.

When I actually put the outfit together, I realized that the colors do go together quite well even though it's still a lot of color, especially for such a gray day. The hat will have to wait to go back on until after work, and I did take the cardigan off as soon as I got in the office because it was actually warm for once. But all in all, I like the outfit, and I'm happy Inspiration Monday made me think outside of the box once again!



  1. i love reading stuff like this...i am constantly finding new ways to wear my clothes because of blog challenges! and i do love these colors together (and i think they are perfect for a gray day!) you look great!

  2. The colors look amazing together! I love it when something unexpected comes out so perfect!


  3. I agree with Shelly - Great color combo. Two Birds certainly is making me delve into the deepest depths of my creativity (and closet!), and I love it.

  4. The colors do go together! You look lovely :)

  5. The colors go EXTREMELY well together. Diane Kruger ain't got nuthing on you, lady!!!

  6. I LOVE these pieces together. I'm so glad you put these together, they are fabulous on you. And can I just say how jealous I am of your ability to rock a hat? You look gorgeous.

  7. Agreed, your look upstages Diane Kruger's especially with the added print of your skirt! I really like that you used your husband's belt, I love to steal my husband's watch.

  8. You look great. I switched the colors around too!

  9. that is a killer colour combo!!! And I love how you added that hat - i keep seeing such great hats everywhere, i think i need to get one!

  10. totally cute. The colors definitely works on you. You look summery and cheery.


  11. how great is it that you had these same colors in your 30/30!?

    i also love that you were able to incorporate both the belt and hat, i don't own a hat but wore a belt on my waist like you did

    you look fantastic!


  12. Your dress and cardigan are lovely together. I had the same feeling about the colour combination, but they do go so well together. That hat is great on you.