Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun with Hair

If you're on Pinterest, you may have seen this hair tutorial from A Cup of Jo floating around.  Or, you may have seen it around the blogosphere at some point.


Most days, my hair regimen consists of shampoo, condition, comb, air dry.  But today, for some reason, I wanted to mix it up a little.  Maybe it was the excitement of jeans day at work.  Or the fact that it's Friday!  Either way, this hairstyle was quick to replicate and only added an extra 5 minutes to my morning...OK, full disclosure.  It was probably an extra 10 minutes when all was said and done because I made the buns too high the first time.  But NEXT time, it'll only add another 5 minutes.  Maybe even 3.

Here's how mine turned out.

Don't forget to Cover Your Cough, as the sign in the bathroom reminds us!  Random.
I noticed after taking these pictures that a random piece was hanging down from the middle bun, and it was bugging me, so I added another bobby pin.

I think the hairstyle would've been better suited with a simpler outfit.  It looks perfect with the casual striped shirt worn in the tutorial.  On me, the whole thing looks a tad over-styled and maybe a little young, but it was a fun change of pace.  Next time, I'll save this hairdo for a weekend, non-work day look when I'm not wearing pink.


  1. CUTE! Styles like this make me want to grow my hair out a little bit.

    Hehee. We have the same sign in my work bathroom. Small world!

  2. Adorable. I don't think my hair is quite long enough, but I wish it were. I swear it's refusing to grow though. Darned hair.

  3. If I would of brushed my hair this morning, I would be trying to style it this way right. now. It's too darn cute, and looks whimsy ish fun !