Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 18 of 30: To Tuck or Not To Tuck

To tuck...

Or not to tuck...

That was the question.

In the end, I decided I didn't really like either, so I went with partial tuck.  (You know, like Parseltongue, but not.  Sorry, nerdy Harry Potter joke--15 days!)

Top, Skirt, and Necklace: New York & Company; Cami and Shoes: Kohl's

But now, I'm thinking I should re-tuck once again. Arg! This shirt seems to give me problems every time I wear it because it's kind of a weird length, and it's boxy. I should just stick to wearing it under things.  At least it's not inside out anymore...I didn't realize I put it on inside out until I pulled into the parking garage, which was after I went to Starbucks.  Ohhh wellll, coulda been worse!


  1. I vote tuck! I like the like the waistband creates :)

  2. Okay I'm going to go for the honest bit, granted this is an old post so I suppose it doesn't matter. With that particular outfit, tucked or untucked, it doesn't work. The color, pattern, and shape of that skirt does not flatter you. I'm 100% sure another skirt would make you look marvelous, where this one fails. Hope this helps if you are still working on this look ;-)

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Brooke! I actually ended up getting rid of this skirt, so you never have to see it again. Haha! I agree - it just wasn't flattering, and the short length always made me uncomfortable.