Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recap of Days 1-15

Halfway there and going strong!  I have ideas for work outfits to last the week, and then I'm on vacation!  Unfortunately, I don't think my casual options are as versatile or plentiful as my work ones, so I'll probably be repeating some outfits next week.  But we'll see.  There are two items I haven't worn yet--a black spaghetti strap ruffle tank top and a yellow skirt.  I'm going to Summerfest with my team tomorrow, so maybe the tank top will make an appearance then.

My favorite outfits so far are probably 4 and 15, thanks to all your sweet words of encouragement yesterday!    Which is your favorite?

Observations so far:
  • Laundry takes a quarter of the time to do.  Hubby was shocked how fast I finished the laundry on Sunday.  He wants me to do the 30 for 30 every month now!
  • I'm lacking a basic skirt.  There were a few times when I wanted to wear a top with a neutral skirt, but I didn't have one to work with.  I do own one, but I'm not crazy about the fit, so that's a hole I'll have to fill later.
  • I need to incorporate more casual layering pieces.  I can always dress them up for work, and then I'll have more stuff to wear on the weekends.
  • More sandals would've been useful.
  • Challenges like Everybody, Everywear; Bloggers Do It Better; and Inspiration Monday helped me get dressed a few times.
  • I wear scarves a lot.  They're great accessories.
Here's to the next 15!  Keep up the good work, my fellow remixers!


  1. All your looks are cute, but my top 3 are 1, 4, & 12. Great job and I give you a ton of credit. I could NEVER do this. NEVER!!!!!

    Have fun at Summerfest tomorrow. I am so happy they have some great weather coming up!

  2. Number 3 and 4 are my favorites!