Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Six Month Stats

Height: 27 inches - 90th percentile

Weight: 16 lb 12 oz - 68th percentile

Head Circumference: 16.3 inches - 24th percentile

Other Stuff: Received another round of vaccines and had a hip X-ray to see if her asymmetrical thigh folds are anything to be concerned about.  We'll get those results either tomorrow or Thursday.

Notes from Doctor:
  • Babyproof the house!  Should've been done already, but our house is currently the opposite of babyproofed.  So...baby hazardous, I guess.
  • Continue introducing fruits and vegetables one at a time, waiting three days or so in between each new food.
  • A couple bottom teeth should be popping through in the next couple weeks!
  • Make sure she can pass things from one hand to the other and contact the doctor if she cannot.
  • Once she reaches 20 lb, she will probably need a convertible carseat since she's a tall drink of water.
That's it!  We have a healthy baby!  Hopefully the hip thing will be nothing, and we can proceed as normal.


  1. What a lovely little girl! She's absolutely adorable

  2. Yikes... that means Aaron already should be in a new car seat. His appointment is this Thursday, I AM SO EXCITED!

    I hope, too, that the hip concern is absolutely nothing. Happy thoughts! :)

    And as always, she's adorable.. for a girl :-P but if we're talking king of cuteness..well... ;)

  3. Thanks Sarah!

    April - It was her height that was causing her to need a new carseat. I guess those start at 20 lb, so we have to wait until then to buy her a new one. As long as Aaron's feet aren't sticking out, you're good. I'm looking forward to reading about his appointment next week!

  4. She's lucky to have a small head--I wonder if it'll stay on the smaller size when she is an adult. My head is huge and I can rarely ever buy hats from stores because none of them fit. Hope her hips are okay *hugs*

  5. Yeah, I have a sizable noggin myself, so she must've gotten her small head from Nate. I'll keep ya posted about the hip thing.

  6. If anyone is reading this or re-reading this and wondering about Bridget's hip, the X-rays came back normal!

  7. We had Aubrey in a convertible car seat at 5 months due the height, she was completely uncomfortable. The car seat we have (Safety First Air Ride)can used at a weight of 5 pounds until around 50 pounds. Most(if not all) infant car seats say if they meet one of the requirements of weight or height that they need to be moved out of the infant seat, Aubrey was pushing it with her height so we just moved her over.