Saturday, June 25, 2011

Killing Time in the Target Fitting Room

I had some time to kill yesterday while my family was stuck in traffic getting to the Brewer game, so I decided to wander around Target and try on some clothes I couldn't buy (yet).  I've been eyeing the Calypso maxi dresses since they came out, but this Target didn't have any, which is probably a blessing in disguise.  I did find a couple Calypso items to try on that were hiding in the sales racks along with four other random items I thought were cute also.

CALYPSO St. Barth for Target Sleeveless Dress with Beading in Khaki

This dress would be better suited for a less hippy woman.  The bottom poofed out kind of a lot when I tied the belt around the waist.  And without the belt tied, it just looked like a sack on me.

CALYPSO St. Barth for Target® Medallion Print Crochet-Bib Tunic in Pink/Orange with Mossimo Women's Cargo Pants (Fit 4) - Olive Overdye

The reason I was originally excited to try on this top was that it's 100% silk, so I knew it'd be nice and light for summer. Unfortunately, it didn't look good on, and I'd have to wear a strapless bra if I didn't want to show bra straps through the crocheted panel.

As for the pants, I always liked how Gracey looks in her skinny olive pants, but she can definitely pull it off way better than I can. While looking for the link, I realized that Gracey's skinny olive pants are not cargos--maybe that's the ticket!  Anyway, maybe it was the shirt or maybe it was my hips, but these were not working for me either.

Mossimo Women's Pleated Zip Back Dress - Hot Orange

The only reason I took this to the fitting room is because the material felt sooo soft and comfy. I realized when I got in there that it was on the wrong hanger and I had a size too small, so I'm sucking it in here. But I loooooved this dress. I may have to try on the bigger size once the ban is over except that A. I don't know where I'd actually wear it, and B. That flap in the front flies open pretty easily.

Mossimo Women's Draped Elastic Waist Dress - Seaweed Wrap

This is also something I've seen on other fashion bloggers, namely Kendi and Liz, so I figured I'd give it a shot, too. I didn't hate it, but again, I think the other girls rock it better!

Merona Women's Americana Artist Cardigan - Blue/White Stripe

I'm getting this cardigan. For sure. I love the nautical feel; I love the ruffles. Yeah, it will be mine.


  1. Just found your blog :) I absolutely LOVE that hot orange dress on you!! Run - don't walk - back and get it! You look fab in it's a great color for summer!

  2. Could definitely see you rocking the orange dress! The high slit/wrap was my problem with the dress, too, though. I've seen other bloggers look wonderful in it/apparently not suffer flashing moments ha, but it made me nervous in the fitting room. Love the turquoise color they have, too.

  3. Yeah, I really should go back and get that dress, but I'll hold off two more weeks until my shopping ban is over!

    Elena--That's good to know others have had success with this dress. That gives us hope! If nothing else, maybe I can subtly sew it shut or something.