Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 7 of 30: First Father's Day

Dress: self-made; Cardigan: Old Navy; Scarf: Boston Store; Shoes:  Target?

This outfit was inspired by this Between Laundry Days outfit. I really love the idea of my homemade maxi dress, and although it's super comfy and feels like I'm wearing a lightweight blanket, I find myself adjusting it all day. I ended up cutting the ribbon into two straps and a belt, so it's no longer as convertible as it was. Plus, somehow it got longer in the wash. I expected it to shrink, so I'm definitely going to have to hem it before I wear it again.

Father's Day for hubs started out really well but went downhill pretty quickly. Bridget and I woke him up at 8:00 with a card, a Coolest Dad award made by Bridget at daycare, and a couple presents. I ended up getting him the guitar that plugs into Rock Band because I realized I still owed him some money for vacation, so it really wasn't unreasonable after that. When I was in Orlando, I also bought him this sound activated light-up T-shirt, which is kind of corny, but he thought it was funny.

He was so psyched to try out his guitar, but we had to get to church, so he planned to bring his guitar and XBOX to my parents'. After church, we suddenly decided we were in a hurry to get to my parents', so we left the XBOX and guitar at home, left, and got some Dairy Queen on the way. Hubs was exhausted for some reason, but he did catch some Zs once we got there while I watched Pride and Prejudice and Bridget napped.

My brother and his wife came over, and we had a nice dinner and started to watch Incredibles at my dad's suggestion (because that's basically our family minus the baby). That's when Hubs got sick, and we ended up leaving a little bit into the movie. We got home, and he continued to get sick throughout the night and took a day off today. It seemed a lot like food poisoning, but I don't know where he picked it up. Needless to say, it hasn't been a good couple weeks for our family and being healthy!

So that was not a fun way to spend his first Father's Day. I'm hoping he recovers quickly and gets some Rock Banding in today.

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  1. hope your hubby is okay now! visiting from Mommy and Me


  2. Well, you got a cute picture of daddy and the little one:) Hopefully, he's feeling better now.