Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 17 of 30: Summerfest and Sunburn

Believe it or not, this mask made me quite popular today. On one end of the Summerfest grounds, the local CBS station was giving away these Big Bang Theory character mask fans and taking pictures of people with them. We must've been asked fifteen times while walking around where we got our fans.

So yeah, Summerfest with the coworkers was fun!  Even though I got the most ridiculous sunburn (Seriously, was I drunk when I put the sunscreen on?  No, I was not.), I had a good time eating, shopping, people watching, and drinking in moderation since I was leaving early.

Top: Express; Capris: Old Navy; Necklace: New York & Company
Here's our picture from CBS.  I know you're jealous of my Saz's cheese curds!
I couldn't resist the cute little girl stuff!  They had a baby fascinator!  It was so cute, I had to get it.  She's ready for the next royal wedding now!  Or Kentucky Derby, I guess.


  1. I am SO jealous of your BBT fans! LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. B is super cute, as always. :)

  2. Maybe they'll still have them on Saturday when you go. They were set up over by the classic rock stage--I believe where the rides used to be.