Thursday, June 9, 2011

Positive Thinking for the Day

In lieu of an Awkward and Awesome post, I'm just gonna list things I'm excited about.  I'm awkward all the time, and I guess I'm not in the mood to celebrate it today.  So here we go with some positive thinking!

  • The (shoo) groupon.  I'm not going to buy it this time around because I'm poor right now, but you should if you live near Milwaukee or Madison.  I will live vicariously through you!  But (shoo) is where I got my super cute blue heels shown above.
  • Three sewing projects (I may never have to buy a dress or skirt again!  Haha yeah right.) and a refashion I really want to get started on.  The sewing projects will probably have to wait until July when I have some extra money again (hopefully...maybe August) to buy fabric and stuff, but I should have time for the refashion this weekend.
  • Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge.  I'm almost done compiling my list of 30 items I will be wearing, and it's already been a challenge.  More about that this weekend.
  • My BFF's birthday party tomorrow!  Alcohol will not be consumed since she's preggers, but lots of good food will, and that's even better!
  • The NKOTBSB concert a week from Friday!!!  
  • I sent Jessica from What I Wore some interview questions (via her publicist) about her book for a future Caffeine Coquette post.  I'm excited to get her responses back and help promote her new book!
  • The Father's Day present I'm thinking about getting hubs, which is part of the reason I'm poor this month.  Shhh, don't tell him what it is!  It's way more than I should be spending on a Father's Day present, so maybe I'll get him some DVDs instead, but that's what I would really like to get him.  So we'll see.
  • Bridget.  That's all.  She's just cute, and I felt like I should mention my daughter in a post of things I'm excited about.

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