Thursday, August 11, 2011

Love for Crazy Stupid Love


I've been excited to see Crazy, Stupid, Love for months and it did not disappoint.  Ryan Gosling was perfection, and I found myself wishing we were back on his story line when the movie was following Steve Carell.  But Steve Carell does so well in dramatic roles, and of course he's hilarious.  As was Josh Groban, actually, who played Emma Stone's workaholic boyfriend.  It was fun to see Top Model Analeigh, too.  I also realized once again how beautiful Julianne Moore and Emma Stone are, and I wanted all their clothes.

Speaking of the attire, I was paying special attention to what the guys were wearing for my Caffeine Coquette post today:


  1. i keep hearing good things about this movie, maybe i need to make it a point to see it already. and i absolutely love seeing what actors wear in their roles in movies. there's lots of inspiration to be found!