Wednesday, August 10, 2011

State Fair Food Retrospective and What I Wore

Because I wanted to wear a maxi dress for Wear It Wednesday, and I wanted to wear my new lobster dress to the state fair anyway, I finagled a knee-length skirt out of it for work with some strategic tucking and layering. And I loved the result--it felt very me.  And oh hey, I'm mixing prints again with my leopard belt and lobster dress.

Dress as a Skirt: Anthropologie; T-shirt: Target; Necklace: Kohl's; Belt: Walmart; Shoes: New York & Company

After work, I headed off to the State Fair.  Originally, the plan was to bring Bridget, but hubs decided to pick her up and bring her home instead.

For the first part of the night, I met up with a fellow blogger and her husband.  My first blogger meeting, woohoo!  We realized there were way too many crazy coincidences between us that we had to meet eventually.  I got married a week before they did; I had Bridget a week before she had her son; we have the same car, same year and everything, and bought them a month apart; and her hubs and I have the same phone.  Craziness, I tells ya!  Her son kept turning around right before her hubs took this picture.  It was funny.  He was a cutie and VERY well behaved and had a lot of the same mannerisms as Bridget, being almost exactly the same age.

Sorry for the picture quality--it's from my phone, which I realized later was on the Macro setting.

I hung out with them for awhile and enjoyed some good eats until my other friends arrived.  In retrospect, I wish I would've taken pictures of everything I ate; but really, most of it was fried so it all looked pretty similar anyway.  Here's the rundown of everything I had--some of it was just a taste.
  • cheese curd - just one
  • sweetcorn jalapeno nuggets - these were really good.  They also had cheese in them and came with some sort of dipping cheese maybe?
  • lemonade
  • deep fried Oreos - as good as I remembered!  Like Oreo flavored donuts
  • hot dog on a pretzel bun - it was huuuuge.  I ate about half the hot dog and all of the bun.
  • apple cider
  • sweet potato tater tots - these were really good, too.  They had sugar kind of crystallized on them.
  • deep fried beer - it wasn't bad!  Here's how I described it on facebook: It looked just like ravioli. It tasted like basically any kind of fried dough with cheese sauce on it. But when you first bite into it, there's a little burst of beer. Like a Gusher...but with beer...and dough.
  • cookie dough on a stick - the first bite was heavenly, but by the end, I was sick of it.
I feel like I'm missing something.  Anyway, here's what I wore.  I got the inspiration actually from maternity photos of the lovely and talented Heather Cook Elliott, my wedding photographer.  It looks even cuter with her pregnant belly--I'll have to keep this look in mind next time I'm preggers.

Having a little too much fun with the flowy skirt...


  1. I have always wanted to try deep fried oreos. Colorado doesn't have them readily available.

  2. Not only do you and my Husband have the same phone, we ALL do! Bwahaha! I still think the same car thing was kerrazzzy! It was LOVELY to meet you, you're just as darling in person as you are when you write. It was because of your previous Fair post I was determined to try the Deep Fried I just want more, and more and more. :) I love the picture, we definitely need to get the little ones together. How fun that would be to watch them interact!? :)

  3. Love the look and the food sounds very fun! Mmm sweetcorn jalapeno nuggets...