Saturday, August 6, 2011

This Week’s Shopping Haul

I keep telling myself that I won’t buy any new clothes until my shopping day with the girls in a couple weeks so that I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about buying stuff. Best laid plans, eh? That iron will didn't last long, and I gave money to New York & Company, Target, and Anthropologie this week. Good news is, I can justify most of it. Rationalization is a big part of shopping after all.

New York & Company

Black skirt - It was on my list of things to buy, so not an impulse buy.  I love this skirt already--it'll definitely get a lot of use.

Jeans - Sort of on my list. NICE jeans were on my list, but these are fine.  They're so long--maybe I actually should've gone with the Average length ones.

Black flats - I don’t own any black flats. This needed to be remedied; unfortunately, these were a smidge too small, so I'll be returning them.


Sandals - OK, these were an impulse buy.

Cardigan - I noticed a hole in my cream colored cardigan, so I figured I needed a new white one.


Maxi dress - A printed maxi dress was on the list, too, but I fulfilled that already with the Target one I bought last week (gulp). This one is yellow and has lobsters, though, so I went ahead and fulfilled that list item twice.

Top (that's lace on the left shoulder) - Impulse buy. But's it's cute and cheap (for Anthro)!


  1. Ha! I did the same thing. I have an annual outlet shopping trip with my friend coming up and I told myself I wouldn't buy myself anything until we go. That lasted about 5 minutes! I headed into LOFT and couldn't resist the friends & family sale. Sigh, I have a problem. It's nice to know I'm not alone! I love the Anthro dress!