Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pattern Mixing with My Baby

Sweater Vest and Shorts: New York & Company; Cami: Kohl's; Sandals: Target; Necklace: ???

When I changed into this after work, my conversation with my husband went something like this:

Me: Does this look ridiculous?
Him: No.
Me: Do I look like I'm going golfing?
Him: Yeah, kinda.
Me: Should I take the necklace off?
Him: No.

So there ya go!  I knew he was telling the truth because I don't have one of those husbands who holds back to spare my feelings, which I think is a good thing most of the time... 

What the heck?  Bridget knows how to find the light better than I do. She's already got her blogger looking into the distance pose down!

I'm linking up with Wear It Wednesday Patterned Shorts and Trendy Tots Tuesday today.  Because as you can see, Bridget wanted to play along, too.  Both her T-shirt and shorts are from Target.


  1. Girrrrl I think you look pretty odd, but I have no fashion sense.

  2. Lol at the above comment. I'm sure onlookers said the same thing about my look. But I'm used to it :) Thanks for playing along with wear*it and for your thoughts on my post yesterday. Appreciate your input!!

  3. You look so cute! I love this.

  4. Aww, how sweet is she?! You guys both look super cute :)
    Following you now!

  5. Yeah, I guess I do look a little cray-cray. It doesn't help that the shorts are like neon. That's why I posed with Bridget, to distract people from my unmatching yellows.

  6. I know that since we're close friends I could get away with a comment like that ;)

  7. I loooove your pattern mixing! The colors really bring the outfit together. And Bridget is absolutely gorgeous! Glad she wanted to have her picture taken. :)

    Thanks for linking up!