Monday, August 1, 2011

Not a Romper

Inspiration Photo

My Blech Interpretation

Obviously, you can see that what I'm wearing is not a romper.  I must say, these yellows looked closer in color in the poor lighting of my bedroom.  Why did I even try to make it a romper?  Because I miss participating in Inspiration Monday, so I changed into this after work.  The only place I wore it was to the mailbox, but one of my neighbors was outside, so there ya go.  Some people just shouldn't wear rompers, and those some people are me.

Hmm, I should've put sunglasses on and been incognito.  Clearly, this outfit was a miss, but ya gotta have those sometimes, too, right?  Sure. 

The other ladies look great, though, so check 'em out.



  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. I think you look adorable. I do think it counts if your neighbor sees you; )

  2. haha, this post reminded me of my first inspiration monday post! i did it rushed after work at night and was standing on a chair in my bedroom taking my-spacey pictures of myself in the mirror, it was TERRIBLE! about every other week i'm not happy with what i wear, but i learn a lot about myself wearing something i never would have thought to put together, it will teach you things, i'm following your blog now and look forward to next week!

  3. you should see the things i wear on my way to the mailbox. you look so cute and comfortable.

  4. Just remember life (blogging) is chock full of hits and misses! I hoot for my hits and laugh at the misses!

  5. I hate rompers. They look like mom jeans. Oh and GIRL are you wearing house slippers outside?

  6. Yeah, high waistd shorts do not work on me.

    Haha, no, they're actual shoes. I have worn slippers outside before (and totally would again).