Monday, August 15, 2011

My Name is Rebekah and I Am a Shopaholic

But none of it was clothes for me, so I consider that to be an accomplishment. I cleaned out Bridget's drawers and realized the majority of her clothes were too small. Luckily, driving home Friday, I saw a sign for a garage sale with baby clothes in our subdivision. I forgot how much I like rummage sales. I used to go to them a lot when I was a kid, and my neighbor/BFF and I even held our own a couple times. Ours consisted of mostly junk, though.

Baby Clothes Haul, mostly from the garage sale, but the two T-shirts and skirt are from Kohl's.

Garage sale items: $11 total; Kohl's items: $10 total

After hitting up the garage sale and Kohl's (and also the vet, Starbucks, Petsmart, and before the grocery store), I swung by E-Collectique Runway Boutique to pick up an item the owner Mikelle supplied for the Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event. (I can't wait to give it away!) While I was there, I bought a necklace and some vintage fabric. That's also where I found a pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans last week for $47, about a 1/4 of their retail price. That place is quickly turning into one of my regular stops, and I like it!

Garage Sale: $1; E-Collectique: $13

E-Collectique vintage fabric: $15 for both
I also went a little shoe crazy at Kohl's.  The two on the right are flats, and the floral ones are kitten heels.  I was super psyched to find the leopard ones in the middle.  They were on sale for $6 but it didn't look like they had any 10s.  BUT, turns out the sizes didn't match their hangers, and my 10s were hanging on an 8.5 size hanger.  Score.  Glad I checked!

Kohls: $9, $6 (got my leopard flats, woohoo!), and $24

My Interpretation - what I wore for my errand running.  

Shirt: Target; Cami: New York & Company; Jeans: Costco; Shoes: Kohl's; Bracelet: Mexicali Blues

I don't have white skinny jeans, but I did have pink non-skinny jeans.  I may attempt to turn them into skinny jeans someday if I feel ambitious--I think they'd be cuter that way.



  1. My favorite find is that pretty blue necklace!

  2. You're so cute. So I'm not the only one who noticed the plastic bags. With all that great buys you ought to be smiling with those bags!


  3. i love your look! and what a haul! those blue floral shoes are so cute!

  4. Great finds! The blue beaded necklace is really pretty :) I need to start trying garage sales and thrift stores.

  5. Hi, I really enjoyed your post! So much fun watching your process. I like the fact that you chose an inspiration outfit and then made it your own.

    Can't wait to see what you found for the Fashionista event!

    The Chief Blonde

  6. Dying for that blue bubble necklace!

  7. Wow. Those are some great finds.

  8. what a great post with so many fun things happening, after college i advertised for my yard sale selling all my brand name clothes and made over $600!?!?!? maybe i was a shopaholic in college? ha

    i love that you got your animal print flats! rock them! great inspiration monday outfit, perfect casual outfit for any occasion