Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Men of Celebrity Apprentice

Clay Aiken is the reason I tuned in to Celebrity Apprentice for the first time on Sunday. But the reason I’ll keep watching is the men’s team as a whole.

Although I was rooting for the ladies this week because Patricia Velasquez just seemed so sincere and hard-working for her charity, I couldn’t help but laugh every time one of the men opened their mouths. They are a hilarious bunch.

Let’s start with my friend Clay (I wish), the hustler. The challenge this week was to run a deli and sell sandwiches to make money for charity. Clay was the cashier for the men’s team (called Unanimous), and I was surprised at what a good job he did getting money out of people. One dancer girl who donated $1,000 made her cash rain over Clay, which was pretty awesome. Even though my mom (who was watching the show with me) is/was a Clay fan, she didn’t think she’d pay a lot of money for a sandwich. After I declared that I’d drop some money for Clay, she admitted, “Well, maybe if he sang for me.”

I was kind of annoyed with Paul Sr., who was the project manager for Unanimous this week. He seemed to have it out for George Takei for no reason. Not that George took any of his crap. But I liked having Paul around just so the other men could do impressions of him. I started cackling, as I tend to do, when Arsenio did an impression of him talking/grunting through his mustache. Although he’s definitely not my favorite, Paul was able to raise the most money by a long shot; he’s going to be around for awhile.

Arsenio Hall is by far the funniest person on the show. I was a little too young to watch him when he hosted his own show, but I did not realize how hilarious he is. One of my favorite parts was when he told the anecdote about meeting Ruben Studdard who said, “Do not be the first black man to lose to Clay Aiken.”

George Takei is another funny guy. I did know that, but sometimes I don’t know if he even means to be funny. Just his tone of voice makes things comical. I like how Trump stood up for him during the boardroom meeting. George did not at any point strike me as “meek” either. I tried to get hubs to watch the show by telling him Sulu from Star Trek was on, but no dice.

Lou Ferrigno. I don’t have much to say about Lou except that he seems like a big teddy bear of a guy. I am glad he put a shirt on while he was doing his gun show for the crowd, though. He’s in shape, but he’s still got some old man boobs.

Penn Jillette probably should’ve been the project manager over Paul Sr. Maybe it’s because he’s really loud, but he seems like a good leader and a positive guy.

Another surprisingly positive guy is Dee Snider. He didn’t have much of a role in this week’s episode, but whenever they showed him, he was saying something constructive and seemed like a team player.

Adam Carolla I could take or leave. He’s amusing and had some good one-liners, but I don’t know if he’s as focused as some of the other guys. Time will tell.

You can’t really say anything bad about Michael Andretti since he came on the show to take the place of his son, Marco, who was originally slated to appear but was absent due to the recent death of a race car driver friend. If anyone does seem “meek,” I would say that would be Michael, but it could just be because he came late and was just trying to help out.

That’s it! Next week, the teams are going to Medieval Times as for their next challenge. I’ve been there a time or two as a child, so that will be interesting. I was cracking up during the preview when Teresa Giudice flipped a table. “You were engaged NINETEEN TIMES.” I used to quote that scene from her Real Housewives of New Jersey blow up all the time.

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  1. Does Clay really look like that now? He looks so different... like he is made of wax.

    1. Yes! Totally, I was thinking he looked like he either wears way too much makeup or maybe had some work done.